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Universiti Utara Malaysia Offers Online Scholarships For International Students

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JSMedia – The Universiti Utara Malaysia was founded in 1984. The governing body has established the university under the ‘Universiti Utara (University of the East) Order’. This Order was passed on 16 February 1984. The university has a rich history, and today, tens of thousands of people in more than 50 countries study in its various faculties. However, it remains a popular choice among students.

The University’s health centre provides comprehensive health services, including dental treatments and counselling. In addition, students are encouraged to seek treatment from public and state hospitals. It is advisable to take comprehensive health insurance coverage before coming to Malaysia. The Universiti Utara Malaysia health center is a convenient option. It offers a wide range of medical services to students, and students do not have to pay out-of-pocket.

The Universiti Utara Malaysia is a public university located in Sintok, Kedah. It is the sixth public university in Malaysia and its sole purpose is to provide management education. Its College of Business has over 500 academic staff and is regularly ranked high in MyRA, SETARA and Top Business Schools. The university is composed of three faculties: the Faculty of Business, the College of Law and the School of Science and Technology.

Universiti Utara Malaysia Offers Online Scholarships For International Students

Universiti Utara Malaysia

The Universiti Utara Malaysia’s residential service is an important part of the educational experience of its students. It has a total of 19 buildings on campus, INASIS, where almost 20,000 students live. All the rooms are furnished and have communal facilities. Its accommodation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Private rooms come with a bed, study table, internet connection, a wardrobe, and a desk. There are also some apartments available for international students, which consist of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space.

The university has several colleges. The College of Law is a unique institution in that it combines the law and public administration disciplines. The School of Public Management and the College of Arts and Sciences has a long history. Its main purpose is to create a dynamic and inclusive environment for the students. The university is located on a hilltop, and it has many beautiful and lush gardens. The utmost importance of these colleges is ensuring the success of their programs.

The university is home to several universities in Malaysia. Besides offering bachelor’s degrees, the university is also known as a management university. The three main colleges are the College of Engineering, Arts, and Science. The University of Technology and Law is a public institution. Its students have a variety of career opportunities, and its graduates have the skills necessary to succeed in any field. Therefore, the university has an international reputation.

The Universiti Utara Malaysia is one of the top public universities in Malaysia. It offers programs in business and management, arts, and science. Its campuses offer flexible schedules and are located in strategic locations. The campus is located in Kedah, Malaysia. Applicants can apply in January, May, and September for admissions to the university. The application deadline is in November for students seeking a degree in the field of science or in a particular department.

The university has a variety of recreational facilities for students to use. It offers a variety of sporting facilities to students. It is the only university in Malaysia with an equestrian center, go-kart track, and 9-hole golf course. Moreover, it provides a variety of facilities for its students. It also provides a vast array of sports and recreation facilities. Its athletics centre boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool, a mini-stadium with a running track, a football field, and a shooting range.

The university has two campuses. The Sintok campus is situated along the North-South Highway and is a small town. It is home to the University’s main campus and is surrounded by lush tropical forests and undulating hills. The campus is one of the most modern in the northern part of Malaysia. It cost RM580 million to build and officially opened in February 2004 by His Royal Highness, the Royal Chancellor of UUM.

UCUM was established in 1982. Its first campus was located in Alor Setar, but in 1982, the University’s location changed. In June 1984, the university relocated its headquarters to the Darul Aman Campus, a 62-acre tract of land near the Thai border. This campus was later renamed in 1992 and now serves as the flagship of the university. The new UC campus was inaugurated on 16 February 1994 and is located in Sintok, Kedah.