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What You Should Know About National Cheng Kung University

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JSMedia – Located in Tainan, Taiwan, National Cheng Kung University is a public research university. Its most notable programs include engineering, computer science, medicine, planning, and more. The school also offers a variety of undergraduate programs in several other disciplines. Applicants to NKU should be interested in a variety of fields, as it offers courses in many fields. Listed below are some of the things you should know about the school.

The University began in 1949 as one of the three colleges in Taiwan. In 1956, it was upgraded to a provincial university. It was named after Koxinga, a Chinese military leader who drove out the Dutch East India Company and founded the Kingdom of Tungning. In 1971, the University was promoted to national status and renamed to the current name, National Cheng Kung Univeristy.

The university’s campuses are beautiful, and offer a borderless learning environment. The classical western and modern eastern scenery accentuate the university’s unique campus culture. The school motto is “intellectual development through lifelong exploration of knowledge,” and students from across the world are part of the NCKU community. In addition, the campus has a vibrant arts scene, including a traditional dance troupe, a famous opera singer, and a number of other arts and culture organizations.

What You Should Know About National Cheng Kung University

What You Should Know About National Cheng Kung University

Students from other universities can pursue a Ph.D. in Public Health at National Cheng Kung University. Those wishing to study medicine or public health can enroll in the courses offered by the University. Its expertise in public health and epidemiology makes it a great place for students to learn about global issues. In addition to a comprehensive program in public and medical sciences, the university is affiliated with the National Institutes for Social Affairs and Research.

The university’s focus on international research and industry collaborations makes it a unique place to study. Its academic climate is pragmatic and innovative. The university’s students have the opportunity to participate in research in international contexts, and it’s important to be involved in these collaborations. The school also has a strong research culture. Its researchers have contributed to many industries. For example, the Taiwanese government has developed an autonomous satellite that is constantly monitoring its surroundings.

The university is home to many institutes and colleges. Its centers for micro/nano science and technology, bioscience and medicine, and planning and design are some of its most prominent departments. Its research center in nanotechnology is the largest in Taiwan. Currently, it comprises 11 colleges and 41 institutes. The university also offers various undergraduate programs. Among the most popular majors at the university are engineering, architecture, and mathematics.

The university is a top tier international university with a strong reputation in medicine, engineering, and management planning. It is the first in Taiwan for active involvement in academia-industry collaboration, and is ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world on several indicators. The number of graduates at the university varies from 20,000 to twenty-four thousand, and it is open to international students. It is not only the most prominent university in Taiwan, but also the most successful.

Founded in 1931, National Cheng Kung University is a research-led comprehensive university in Tainan, Taiwan. Its students include internationals from many countries, and it is home to nearly 21,000 students. However, tuition for international students is higher than that of local students. Those from outside the area should apply for scholarship funding to cover their tuition. Additionally, housing is available on campus. The school offers free meals for its undergraduates.

Besides offering classes in English, NCU also offers a comprehensive list of foreign languages. The school is bilingual, which means that students can speak any language. It also provides international students with opportunities to travel abroad. There are no specific requirements for studying at NCU. Its students are able to study in over a dozen countries. The school has been in operation for over a century and is a model of innovation and technological progress.

The university is also a member of the Worldwide Universities Network. Its prestigious program is modeled on the German and Japanese Universities of Excellence. It is the sole Taiwanese institution to participate in the project. The Chinese language center at NCKU attracts 900 international students a year. It is an excellent choice for aspiring Chinese speakers. In addition to earning a degree in English, NCKU also provides a number of other valuable services to the international community.