M O Auezov South Kazakhstan State University

M O Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Scholarships Online Offer Study Degree

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JSMedia – M. O. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University is a multidisciplinary higher educational institute located in Shymkent, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It offers training in 76 technical and humanitarian specialties. The institution was founded in 1943 and is ranked one of the best universities in the country. It is a pioneer of modern research and development in the country. Today, it is one of the top universities in the world.

Students at the university study English language, computer technology and American training programs. The American internship is without analogy in the Kazakh higher educational system. The students who pass the competition will be able to complete their internship in the USA and 7 other states. They will be able to work in any industry in the world. These programs will enhance the employability of graduates and provide valuable work experience for them. There are two colleges at the university.

The university has 271 teaching staff. Of these, 36% are PhD students. During the academic year, 59 researchers were actively engaged in scientific research. Of these, 33 were published in international databases, while 19 were published in Web of Science. Four scientific journals are published each quarter by the scientific department of the university. The university also has a research institute, 7 centers and 4 laboratories that operate. Its projects are funded by targeted funding and grant funding.

M O Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Scholarships Online Offer Study Degree

M O Auezov South Kazakhstan State University

There are six faculties at the University, which train specialists in 34 educational programs. The University is actively involved in international cooperation and provides academic mobility to students and faculty. It has a large number of highly qualified professors, international scholarships holders and directors of major international projects. In addition to its academic excellence, the University is the best place to train professionals in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university has the most affordable tuition fees, with a low cost.

The university is among the best universities in the country for training. Its educational system is accredited by the Higher Education and Research Council of Kazakhstan. Its faculty members have the necessary qualifications to work in the country and abroad. The quality of their training is a key factor in establishing a successful career. Its students are trained to be leaders in their communities, while the faculty is a place to pursue graduate studies.

The university is renowned for its research and development. It has a strong emphasis on international cooperation and partnerships. Its students are trained in a wide range of fields. For example, the faculty of Oriental Studies specializes in oriental studies. It is the only University in Kazakhstan that offers these degrees. It also has a large and diverse student body. The education of the university is a must for any successful career.

The M.A.Auezov South Kazakhstan University has been classified as a top university in the country for its quality of education. Its graduates are employed in many sectors, including the financial sector, healthcare and engineering. The university is a renowned school in the region, and is a major hub for research in the country. There are also international relations and scholarship opportunities for students. They receive grants for their study.

The University conducts scientific and technological research and training. Its accredited road laboratories have a wide range of professional accreditations, including the prestigious AAA. A KATU degree has the power to ensure that its graduates find work in their field. Its graduates are well-qualified for their chosen field. So, the university has an outstanding reputation in the country. And it is a key factor for attracting international investment.

The University’s educational program is diverse and offers the best education in the region. It is highly respected in the region and has a reputation for being a good place to live. Its graduates are employed in various fields and earn a lot of money. In fact, 85% of its graduates are employed in their respective fields. In addition, the university has two colleges, one for undergraduates and one for postgraduates.