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JSMedia – The Hitotsubashi University is a leading national university in Tokyo. The school has three campuses: Kunitachi, Kodaira, and Chiyoda. Its campuses are located throughout the city. The university is committed to providing excellent education for students of all backgrounds. It also has an English language program. You can study at Hitotsubashi on a full or part-time basis.

The Hitotsubashi University offers many scholarship opportunities for international students. The award is equivalent to two-thirds of the tuition fees. This scholarship is awarded to international students who are studying Japanese language and culture in Japan. The scholarship is renewable for two years. It is open to both Japanese and foreign students. The application period is from September 1 to mid-December. For more information about scholarships, contact the university’s office.

The Hitotsubashi University Library is home to over two million books and sixteen thousand serial titles. It also houses 76,100 volumes of rare materials, including the Schumpeter and Carl Menger collections. In 2011, it was ranked the seventh-highest university in the Toyo Keizai ranking. Moreover, it ranks first in average graduate salaries in Japan. This is why it is so popular among students.

Study at Hitotsubashi University Online

Hitotsubashi University

The Hitotsubashi University offers scholarship programs for international students. If you qualify, you can apply for a tuition fee award that covers your entire tuition. This program is intended for international students who cannot afford to pay for their studies themselves. You will not have to worry about the financial aspect of the program – the scholarship covers your entire tuition. And the university will provide accommodation and meals. You can choose to stay in a hotel in the city for free as long as you meet the other requirements.

The university has an excellent reputation in international education. Its graduate programs are aimed at exposing international students to Japanese culture and business. The university also has a number of programs that will prepare international students for success in their careers. One of these is the International Business program. The two-year exchange program is designed to expose international students to the Japanese culture. It aims to provide education to people who will improve their lives around the world.

The university has a highly selective admission process for international students. You must be a citizen of Japan to be accepted at this university. You must have a high school degree to be eligible for this program. You must also pass a language proficiency test before you can apply for a scholarship. Those with an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher should take the TOEFL exam to qualify. It is possible to get a graduate degree at Hitotsubashi University.

To apply for a full scholarship, you must be nominated by your home institution. The home institution must submit an Excel or a PDF form to the university. The student must then fill out an online registration form to apply for the scholarship. You must also provide all relevant information about yourself and the current courses you are enrolled in. The application is not accepted unless you have a high school diploma from a partner institution.

The name of the university derives from Kanda-Hitotsubashi in central Tokyo. The school was originally named the Tokyo Commercial School and was later named the Tokyo University of Commerce. After the 1923 earthquake, the university was moved to western part of Tokyo, but the affinity for the name remained. The renamed institution was then reorganized into a four-year university in 1949. In addition, it has an institute for global development.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Japan, it is important to find a university that offers the right course for you. It is vital to look for a university that specializes in your field. In addition to Japanese universities, Hitotsubashi University offers students the opportunity to study abroad. However, you must apply for international scholarships if you want to study in Japan. The application process is fast and easy and requires a personal recommendation from an educational institution.

This university offers programs for undergraduates and graduate students at various levels. Its courses are divided into undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs. During your studies, you will study in English. The Japanese language is spoken in both English and Japanese. You will learn Japanese in the classroom. The language is spoken in the university’s main building. It is the official language of the country. The Japanese language is also widely spoken in the rest of the world.