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University Brunei Darussalam Graduate Scholarships

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JSMedia – The University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) is a national research university in the Sultanate of Brunei. Founded in 1985, it is the largest university in the country in terms of enrollment and curriculum. This article will highlight some of the top courses offered by the UBD. Below are a few highlights of the UBD’s curriculum. The UBD is a comprehensive university and is home to over 14,000 students.

Applicants must meet the minimum age requirement of 35. The minimum educational qualification is a Bachelor’s degree, while postgraduate applicants should have completed 12 years of education. Upon acceptance, applicants must provide official documents, including birth and marriage certificates, as well as a health certificate. They may also need to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score, depending on their country of residence.

Applicants must complete an online application and upload all required documents. The government of Brunei Darussalam reserves the right to reject an application without any reason. However, the government has no problem approving applications if they meet the eligibility criteria. Interested candidates can apply online for a Brunei Darussalam scholarship. The deadline to apply is 15 February 2021.

University Brunei Darussalam Graduate Scholarships

University Brunei Darussalam Graduate Scholarships

The UBDA graduate scholarships offer financial support to graduate students who are interested in pursuing research or doctoral studies. Whether you plan to study at the UBD or another institution, this scholarship is designed to help you reach your academic goals. Furthermore, it allows you to develop your network with international researchers. While the scholarships are available to students worldwide, they are limited to graduate-level studies. You must have a Master’s degree, an upper-second class degree, and a good publication record. Besides, you should be fit enough to pursue your chosen course.

Admission to UBD is very competitive. The four largest universities in Brunei are all religious, so it is vital to have a strong background in one of them. It is possible to apply for a bachelor’s degree program, a master’s degree program, and a PhD programme. These are all prestigious programs that will allow you to study in the world of your choice.

UBD is a reputable university with a long history. Today, it is the largest university in Brunei and is renowned for its world-class education. It has over 600 students and is the largest university in the country. It has two mission statements that include: teaching and research. Its primary mission is to develop human resources. During its existence, the UBD has produced quality graduates, primarily in the fields of science, medicine, and technology.

Despite its small size, the UBD is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Its mission is to educate citizens with knowledge of various disciplines. UBD offers courses in engineering, business, and health. With a global reputation for its academic excellence, the UBD is a preferred destination for aspiring international students and locals alike. This tertiary institution aims to serve the community with an impressive array of opportunities.

The government of Brunei offers scholarship opportunities to international students and local students. The government provides financial aid to both undergraduate and graduate students. The UBD offers the UBD Graduate Scholarship to outstanding graduates. The UBD scholarship is very competitive, so it is a good opportunity for those with academic talent to pursue graduate studies. There are several scholarships available to international students. You can apply online to get more information and apply.

UBD has a scholarship program for international students studying in Brunei. It offers 40+ courses and fields, and is one of the largest universities in the country. Its graduate programs are offered in English and in Malay, and the UBD Graduate Scholarships are fully funded scholarships. The scholarship can be applied for by students from a variety of countries. For more information, visit

UBD is a great choice for those looking to further their education. As an international student, you will be able to take advantage of Brunei’s high standards and enjoy a life in a foreign country. In addition to being an international student, Brunei’s government is also eager to encourage more international students to study in the country. If you qualify, apply today and reap the benefits.